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bob wrote on 13th December 2006 at 12:21 am:
yea..... it did all get better after a whilelove ya broboo
boo wrote on 13th October 2006 at 2:38 am:
unis meant to be a gas... at the moment that would be mustard gas. not as bad as all that realy but it seems pritty dam poo at the mo bro. to add to a fairly crap week, got smacked in the face by some twat in the stairway last night... dosent even live in my block but low and behold there he is, pissed chav with the angrys, smelling of snakebite as he jumps of the stairs an lands a rather impressive smack on my jaw. fucker busted my lip and ive got to go for more bloody xrays tomoro morning as the f***'n machine didnt fit my noggin (probably the daughton forehead). my mate alex removed him form the premises and his mate had the indecency to tell alex to "keep him off my mate". very reserved tho, didnt hit him just blocked the following blows and told him to get the fuck out of my house. spose thats a way in which we differ somewhat tho, if it had been you he wouldnt have walked out, but been more (whats the word) ejected with acceptible force. anyhoo send me some smiles huh... im in this big ass city and it all seems to be abit against me at the mo, surely this years been crap enough already, mainly cause im putting a message on a website instead of ringing you up, but seeing as you dont pickup any more it'll do. on the plus the plymouth rugby team have alot of mates and players in my block and they are seeing it as someone pissing on their door step. and even tho i feel some guilt to say it. nice.its all going weird and i cant escape to your house nomore. then again "we fall down so we can learn to pick ourselves up" (ive finally seen the new batman flim that you were raving about... and yes the new batmobile is sweet).anyway i best be off, early start tomoro trying to get bus tickets sorted and getting a hospital apointment as they didnt ring me up to give me one today as well as going to you loads and miss you lotslove booo
Simon Ng wrote on 13th October 2006 at 2:31 am:
So, time passes, things change, the world heals, the spring melted through the summer then grew long again in the autumn shadows.So the bows are tied, the loose ends are sorted and people grow stronger once again.Making you proud bro, prize-giving in a couple of weeks and I get to corrupt their academic midsts with the fragrance of a snarl.Chaos still plays fiddle at the ballet of life...Hope you and Lucas are being good..Si.
Golly wrote on 24th September 2006 at 12:33 am:
they say that for every bad there must be good....Life since you left has expanded and exploded in so many strange ways, that were never dreamed of or percieved in wildest imaginings,The flux of reality has changed and woven new patterns,That become a reality with you in it as a memory in the hearts and minds...Instead of the dancing dreamer, that flooded our souls with light...But oooh, MattyThe price.....
booooooooo wrote on 9th August 2006 at 10:40 pm:
what ho dear chap. been back for a week or two now and still buzzing from the travels. seen lots of people, when ive been out and about in town, and everyone seems well. streets got a subway tho which sucks... however we are taking bets on how long it will last. going back into glastonbury was weird! dam cropcircles 'symposium', followed by the infallable godesses sitting in every caf having indepth conversations that could strip paint. ahhh what it is to be home. loveboooxxxxx
Auntie Su wrote on 22nd July 2006 at 6:17 pm:
Oh GOD! You have just become 'least favourite nephew'. I used to just turn off the Bjork tracks on my CDs. Now I have to listen to them! Mind you, at least it gets Rob off the no. 1 spot for his axe throwing antics. Bloody good job you never tried axe throwing! Ah,is it okay if I skip all the Jamiroquai? Better bloody be. xx
Karl wrote on 11th July 2006 at 7:46 pm:
Hi Matty...Hope you had a good dinner at the Rainbow chap! Been doing the business on the tracks we were working on. Almost there, buddy... Just needing the strings for When You're Frightened. Met someone who's doing strings for DJ Vadim the other day and he's well up helping out. One of those freaky coincidents: remember that time we rang all those numbers in the Musician's Union guide to find a violinist? Well it turns out that the lady who worked for the London Simfonietta has a son whom I bumped into round at Gareth's house one eve... We were talking about music and stuff and then he said "Is your name Karl or Matt?" Wham bamb, thank mam... He's good and seems to get into the vibe really well. You'd like him.Just uploaded all your old tracks onto this site. I cleaned 'em up as best I could (to be honest, you always had a better sense of the mix than I, so they we're pretty clean anyways)... Hope everyone enjoys them as much as we did when you played them to Psy and I way back. Will upload the others we did together when they're collected into an album (very soon now).Always thinking of you, bru... Keeping spreading the magic...Karl xxx
Golly wrote on 7th July 2006 at 10:20 am:
Hi Matt, Hi All,So it's Rob's Birthday today, and we're taking you to the rainbows end for the meal... In (as usual) a carrier bag... Strange the anonymity of the ubiquitous carrier bag, i reckon you could smuggle all sorts of thing in a carrier bag... Something to try (or not)... Having this site to put stuff up, to write messages to you often saves my sanity, and sometimes makes me more wobbly for a bit, but then that's what always happened when i talked things over with you...News... feels strange giving you the news, as you probably already know it, but i got the job of being the pottery teacher at Strode, you know, the one we always used to say "i'll go for that if it comes up!!!" feels weird....We (Mum and Rachael and Me) made a decision not to throw your ashes off the Tor on the 12th August, it felt too soon, so we're going to wait for your birthday for that, so it may be worthwhile sorting out a party somewhere around August as it's 6 months that you've been gone.... (tho there are plots afoot for a dawn raid on Durrington Walls at Midwinter Solstice to put som o dem on the Avon to be taken to the Stones the old way...HugsMateRob's on his adventureKaty is on hersand you are on yours..Fly on my sweet angel,Fly on thru the skyFly on my sweet angels Forever i'll be by your side..HugsDad
Fiona wrote on 6th July 2006 at 6:08 pm:
Hello Matt,Think you must be well chuffed that both your brother and sister are off travelling and getting to see a bit of the world. Heard from Katy today and my first thought was to give you a call to let you know that she was okay and having a good time, but guess you know that already.I miss you lots MattybubAll my loveMum xxxRob, Happy Birthday for tomorrow!. Will be thinking of you. Big Hugs!
boo wrote on 6th July 2006 at 5:07 pm:
its my birthday tomoro but you wont miss it as mum and dad will be (if they go) taking you along to rainbows (for the family meal). normal state aswell juging by the last birthday meal we went to (opening the tquilla at midnight... and then it got messy) miss you shitloads. going out on the razzle with some folk in copenhagen tho so i should be ok.again, miss you LOTS!lovebooooooooo
chris and laura wrote on 19th June 2006 at 2:38 pm:
hey matt hey all i hope every1 is well laura wrote a reminder on my phone saying "save the badgers" the other day i didnt know she had done it..... when it went off i looked shocked at my phone ......matt u in there? this is a new phone how u get in there......i genuinley thought it was a message from our dear friend 🙂 when i said to laura she said she had wrote it i was a little sad but the memories live on hail mrs badger we love u (laura didnt know he was a mrs badger she does now) hope to see u all soon and take care every1 all our love chris and laura again "HAIL MRS BADGER"
auntie Su wrote on 18th June 2006 at 7:38 pm:
Oh Matt do you really believe you could ever be in trouble with me? I totally blame Jake for leading the pair of you astray! Although the tambourine took some explaining! It's living under the kitchen table at the moment and causing almost as much chaos as you! Luv ya Sunbeam
bob wrote on 12th June 2006 at 8:24 am:
hello in denmark, siting in a bar and a jazz band start to jamm, it all goes similer to a cirtain night in the arthur (the one that we got in trouble with aunti sue for... jake really cant keep things quiet) anyhoo i just thought that i might wright somethng, and the cure comes on the radio, and i start to think about all the times that ive passed out at yours (normally after giving you a piggieback up the highstreet) and woke up listening to this song, or another, but always perfect for the moment. and never too loud for a fragile morning. thinking bout you all the time, and missing you. hold in there all, and loz... i found my self doing the exact same for hours the other day, but then he always did like the sea.loveboo
Lozz wrote on 4th June 2006 at 3:18 am:
i was just looking at all the new pics on your site and remembering everying. wen i look into the sea in cornwall i just think ov u and everything else i duno what else to just we all miss u loads and loads and i hope ur enjoying a wounderful new life what eva or where eva that may be miss u loads dude loads ov love and hugs loz xxx
Maddy wrote on 31st May 2006 at 12:28 am:
Dear Matt, Today I went to the cove near our village to make and walk a big labyrinth on the beach in memory of your good friend, Lucas.....Today is his anniversary , 30th May 1999 and I always do this for him on this date. I jouney to the centre with what 'feels' like a Luc stone and leave it there for him..... This year I left two stones...... While I was on the beach, two ships sailed into port, disappearing out of sight behind the cliffs and two sailed out, towards the horizon...... I love and miss you both .....the hole in my heart feels more painful today.Maddy ( Luc's Mum ).
Fiona wrote on 9th May 2006 at 1:08 am:
Hard to put things into words, itís just that feeling that wells up inside until it bursts out, wanting you to be there, watching a band and wishing you could dance with me, seeing someone tall walking with that familiar jaunt and for a second thinking maybeÖItís that wanting to share things with you, looking at a photo and remembering happy times, making me smile until I then dissolve.I look at the stars at night and think of you, sometimes with a smile and other times with a tear, but always with love. Some of me has gone with you, and I canít yet wrap myself around that cos itís too huge to encompass, but I try. The unreality of reality slaps me in the face here and there, and I miss you and grieve for the loss of you, but also know youíre okay and wish you well, so very very well.Love you Mattybub.Mum x
Golly wrote on 8th May 2006 at 10:44 am:
Walked the dog this morning, up the railway lines, the birds were going off their heads with "that time of year" songs... Plus the French frogs that have invaded the levels were singing for mates....Noises that you would only usually hear if you had a synth, and then a cuckoo cuts in for the usual four cuckoos and then the wait for an answer from a mate....Everytime i walk this route i think of Matty collecting sounds and how i never got to take him up there with the minidisc, (we were always too busy to make it a date)but everyday is different and everyday i've lost it because he's not here...It's in my memory tho' and thats what is important, but i wish Matt was here to share in the colouration of the sounds...It's sort of like the absence of sound tha you get when the sparrows fly overhead, just the change in pressure from their wingbeats, a feeling of someone being there, just out of reach, who you want to touch, so much so, so, so much... And knowing that the letting go is the first part of the love you feel, the freedom to fly, free to the direction they need to take, wherever that is, and wherever that may end up...Love you Mate, life will be emptier without you, but so much fuller than it would ever have been had i not known you.....HugsDad
'Auntie' Su wrote on 3rd May 2006 at 8:50 pm:
Aaargh!! Bike Show weekend just happened again. Another Mattism hit me watching the bikes go up. The year Matt decided to go upto the bike show on his little C90 (or was it smaller). He heard a rumble behind him as he got to the site and looked round to see the massed ranks of the HA (Hells Angels for the non-bikers out there) pootling up behind. They surrounded Matt and he rode with them into the show.Only Matt could get an Angel escort into their own show!
jace wrote on 27th April 2006 at 9:27 pm:
saw Bill Bailey do the Kraftwerk Tribute gag on the goggle box a few weeks back, Brought back happy memories. Can't belive ur gone m8. take care. :-)luvj
emilie wrote on 14th April 2006 at 6:51 am:
I knew Matt very briefly,he was kind and i will remember him from time to time for very much longer.Love and Blessings,emilie.