Matt’s Music

Here are Matt’s early tracks, mostly solo but some with input from friends.

01: Intro… This is the intro to the first CD Matt ever gave me [Karl…]

02: Out of Time… Written for Trudie, though Matt would never admit it. Looks like you got him there Trude!

03: We Came Home & Found Our Son… Well this was a master cut & paste job that ripped up the bass cones in my speakers.

04: Konichiwa…  One of Matt’s first excursions into Fruity Loops.

05: Untitled… This hypnotic groove was thrown together by Matt while he was living at 52 Benedict Street. This was done even before I had any sequencing gear back at home!? When Psy and I arrived in Glastonbury I vividly remember Matt ushering us upstairs to show us his new studio on the computer. When I heard it I was rather impressed that he’d got it sorted and was rolling out beats like this. When I asked how it came together, he replied {Just threw it together last night while ICQing various strangers on the net and harassing them for their souls…} Was impressed by it’s languid groove as it’s just so kewl and chilled out. But then, Matt always was the master of being ultra chilled, regardless of what was going down.

06: Untitled… Now… This is a gem… Was all recorded live and I think it’s Dan Fellows or Steve on the piano (not sure though, so if you read this and know who it was, please let me know and credits will go where deserved).

07: Nervous… Well… Guess who the vocals are taken off. Aaron, we love you dude! Really chilled and spaciously vast. Sonical, it’s definately one of Matt’s further reaching experiments into tonal his tonal exploration of sound…

08: Untitled… Matt’s trippy drum & bass…

09: Untitled… This is another of Matt’s works that just totally took me by surprise when I heard it. Made just after the Twin Towers were destroyed by whoever it was that did it. Matt’s vocals are towards the end, but he {gappa snippered} them to almost certain unintelligability.

10: Untitled… This soley Whitehaired Steve & Matt! This one is a diamond in the sand! This track has just ruled my playlist foreva… Pure genius, guys!!!

You can also listen to some samples from Polynomial via the links page…